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Dry fruit in Pakistan

We have best Dry fruit in Pakistan, as Pakistan have many changes in its climatic. As wintry starts demand delicious, appetizing and tasty dry 
fruits highly increase in Pakistan. These are famous for winters. Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with different kind of dry fruits like figs, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, pine nuts, dates and peanuts.A most popular and most desired dry fruit grown in Pakistan is the Walnut. Walnut is cultivated widely in NWFP’s dir, Mengora regions and Swat. Another most desired dry fruit of Pakistan is pine nuts. The Sindh grows the only dry fruit this is dates. They are extensively grown in the Sukkhar and the regions adjacent sukkhar. Peanuts are grown in the province of Sindh and Punjab. Almond king of dry fruit is grown in the Loralai and the regions adjacent Lorelai.

Dry fruit wholesale price in Pakistan

 (Dry fruit wholesale price in Pakistan) are constant after comparing the quality of the product to be sold. The wholesale prices for peanuts are ranged from Rs250 to Rs340 per kg, pistachio withand without shell at Rs1,000 to RS1, 100 per kg, cashew nuts price ranged among Rs3,500 and Rs4,000. Varieties of almonds without shell are in the rate between Rs850 to Rs925per kg. American Almonds range among Rs1, 000 and Rs1, 100per kg. Dried fig rate is ranged among Rs500 and Rs1, 000per kg. Walnut is available in price range among Rs900 and Rs1, 200per kg. The rate of walnut in a shell is extra. It is near about 2.200RSper kg.

List of dry Fruits in Pakistan

The best ranges of Dry Fruits list available in the market are:
Almond – Badam,
Apricot – Khubani,
Cashew nuts – Kaju,
Dates – Khajoor,
Dried Figs – Anjeer,
Walnuts – Akhrot,
Peanuts – Moongphali
Pine Nuts – Chilgoze, Nioze
Pistachios – Pista.
Raisins – Kishmish, Munacca
Saffron – Kesar.
 WaterMelon seeds – Magaz.

Online dry fruits in Pakistan

There are many different kind and categories of (on-line dry fruits in Pakistan). Highly desired dry fruit are Pistachio, peanuts Cashew or “Kaju”, Almonds, Walnuts, Pine nuts that typically name  “Chalgoza” and lots of others. Online Dry Fruits are Fresh Tasty & Best Quality to supply throughout Pakistan in Cash on Delivery.

Dry fruit wholesale market in Pakistan

There are few ( Dry fruit wholesale market in Pakistan) which included Peshawar, Mingora, Gilgit, Balochistan and chamman wholesale dry fruit  markets, however, Lahore wholesale dry fruit market is one of the largest and famous markets for the dry fruits. There are many sorts of dried fruits from Pakistan such as; Almond (Badaam), Walnut (Akhrot), Dry Apricot (Khubani) Whole, Pistachio (Pista), Pistachio Unsalted With Shell, Pistachio Salted With Shell, Peanuts with or without shell (Mong Phali), Black Currant (Munakka), Dates (Khajoor), Dry Dates (Chowaray), Dry Figs (Anjeer), Kishmish, Dry Black Raisins, Dry Green Raisins, Cashew Nut (Kaju), Pine Nuts, Chilgoza with shell and without shell, and others. Wholesale marketplace of dry fruit is batter in quality as well as price than the local market.
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 750.00 1,450.00
 2,500.00 9,999.00
 1,550.00 3,500.00
 1,499.00 2,650.00
 3,250.00 6,000.00
 1,099.00 1,699.00
 1,699.00 2,899.00
 1,050.00 2,100.00

Dry Fruit

Badam Kagzi 1kg