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Eligibility Requirements

This promotional offer is only for …
Fresh Graduates
Jobless Graduates
Student of BS over 4th semester
Orphan Child with an age of 12 to 18 years
Divorced or widow women

You should have basic computer knowledge and an amount of Rs 200,000.
Note: if you are missing anything please don’t apply, Specially this offer is not for the established businessman or jobholders.

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How it will work

Step 1. Complete registration form below at the end of this page.
Step 2. We will call you and confirm eligibility. 
Step 3. Once you are approved we will discuss your product. You can tell us about your any selected product…

What is the product?
What is Market demand?
How and From where you will buy the product?
What is the Profit Margin?
we can suggest you a product, it’s demand, it’s profit margin, it’s risk factor, backup plan and from where you can buy. 
Even we can buy the product for you but it will definitely charge a small amount. believe us we will not charge you high.

Step 4. Once you have your product, keep your product with you and publish it on our website in your portal.

Step 5. Boost your product with free social media marketing or hire our experienced Marketer with a very small charge for Social Media Campaign.

Our Share

Our aim is to help you grow and establish your business,

The good thing is we will not charge you anything for displaying your product on our store until you receive the sale.
we will charge only 3% of your total revenue. For example, if you sell your product and earned Rs 10,000. we will take only a small share of Rs 300.
Wow! isn’t it cool, only Rs 300, This is less than a pizza price.